McDonald's PotC Toys


So I got my DD a Happy Meal a week or so ago, and the PotC toy inside was a skull w/ an eyepatch, that has a ‘magic 8-ball’ choice cube underneath. I thought it was a bit tacky for a 3-yr old. She now refers to it nicely as her “Pirate Skull”. Thankfully she still associates it with the “Friendly Pirate” from the Wiggles on Playhouse Disney, so pirates are not scary to her yet.
Prezcatz Paul


We just got a kids meal. It had a little green pirate guy.


We were so disappointed that the Happy Meals had changed over from “Cars”. :sad: A pirate bandana just can’t compete with Lightning McQueen.


If I get a Happy Meal, is there any chance that the toy will be a full-sized Captain Jack Sparroow???


LOL - that would be awesome!:wub:


I would be buying happy meals buy the dozens!!!


Nope… Didn’t work. I opened the bag, and found only a tiny hamburger, a small bag of salty fries and a little toy… NO JOHNNY!!! NO ORLANDO!!! I asked for my money back, but Nooooooo, the girl just looked at me like I was a wacko, thinking I could have an actual swashbuckling pirate in my meal. What is going on these days??? :laugh:


I agree with you!


That’s the only way I’m buyin one!!

I think the Happy Meal Disney toys just keep getting tackier and tackier…maybe I’m getting too old. But when I was little, Disney toys were simple - cool collectible figurines/action figures - and nowadays they make some things unidentifiable! :huh: If it didn’t have the Pirates logo, I wouldn’t even know it was a Pirates toy! Y’know what I mean??

They’re all too “mod” for me I guess. :rolleyes:


I do love the Disney Madame Alexander dolls they have done in the past. My DD keeps all of those with her doll collection. They are so cute!

Disney is not doing happy meal toys anymore now, right? PoC and Cars were the last ones, I think.?.


Yep, that’s what I heard! :crying:


NOT that it matters.

I am quite happy with my Elvis Stitch!!!


My oldest daughter had a CRAZY fear of pirates when she was 4-6 years old. She managed to get over it a little while before her first DL trip. :pirate:

All the other kids like pirates… :happy: