McFizzy's "Happy New Year! Let's Eat" Trip Report


Hi friends, I’m back. This will be the home of my trip report.
All in all the trip was great - a few annoying things, but that’s about it.
I will download my photos tomorrow for my TR.

I’m happy and sad - sad b/c this will be my last trip for awhile. And when I say awhile, I mean not until the end of 2010! :crying:

But I’m happy b/c my mother in law enjoyed herself so much on this trip that she is going to take the entire family down for Xmas 2010 at the AKL or WL Lodge. (We alternate years for Xmas between DH’s family and our other families, so it will be our next Xmas with DH’s family - can’t do it this xmas b/c my niece/nephew is going to be born around that time)


She is thinking about buying DVC for the family! :wub: More on that later…

Highlights of this trip:

  1. Seeing the Xmas decorations - seriously, the castle took my breath away. I cried a little - I’m such a suck.
  2. Cirque de Soleil La Nouba
  3. Seeing Carousel of Progress one last time

Lowlights of this trip:

  1. RUUUUUUUUUDE people
  2. 2 freezing cold days

I am with you all the way on Lowlight#2. It seems to me to be getting worse with every trip.


Welcome Home!!! Cant wait to read all about it!


Welcome Home! Looking forward to the report.


MickeyMc, can’t wait to hear every datail! Welcome home!


Welcome Home MickeyMC… can’t wait to ready your TR… I hope you took lots of pictures.


Welcome home, can’t wait for the TR!


oh yay! :happy:
Sorry you’re back. Glad you had a good time. Can’t wait for all you have to tell :angel:


Welcome back! I was reading the next trip was 2010 and I was thinking OMG poor girl thats forever away and then I realized that we are in 2008 now :blush: Its one of those days… Well I cant wait to read and see some pics…


It is forever away :crying:
But I have a feeling I will be able to convince DH into getting a small trip in sooner, just the 2 of us :laugh:
When he saw the tears in my eyes during wishes on our last night he said he’d feel terrible making me wait to go back since it makes me so happy. :heart:
We’ll see…


We will send ya some pixie dust your way


YAY! Welcome back! Can’t wait to read all about your trip! I hear ya on the 2010- that’s when we plan on going back- we have to buy a bigger house in the next year or so- we are seriously outgrowing this one. So, that is where our money is headed…:crying:


Yay, McFizzy’s back!

Looking forward to reading your TR, especially that “let’s eat” part. :laugh:


yeah- Im all about the “lets eat” too… and I have been trying to read the trip reports after they are like 4-5 pages long so that I dont miss anything. I cheated with the title of this one


Aw your DH is a sweetie. :wub: (I’m sure you can coerce him into a smaller trip for the two of you before 2010! Hehe.)

Welcome back btw! I can’t wait to read your trip report!!


Ok, so I’ll get this started so I can get into full swing tomorrow with pics and what not.

Me (Michelle) - 28
DH (Mike) - 32
MIL (Donna) - 65

Dates: Jan 1-7 2008

New Years Eve and Day 1:
We finished packing and cleaning the house by about 5 on New Years eve. My mother in law arrived at around 7, and we ordered in dinner from a local steakhouse and watched TV for a bit. “Trading Spouses” was on and some other girly shows, and we had a few good laughs.

Around 11 we popped in a movie (“300”) and wished each other a happy new year an hour later. I dozed on the couch a bit. But because I am such a heavy sleeper, I didn’t actually go to bed b/c it would have been very difficult for me to wake up with only a few hours of real sleep.

At 3 we got ready to leave and by 3:30 our airport taxi picked us up and we were on our way. It was snowing pretty heavily by this time, which made me happy because I wanted to leave the snow and cold behind!

We live about 10 mins drive from the Toronto airport, but b/c of the snow we got there in about 30 mins.

Checked in with Air Canada, got a Starbucks, and played “Diner Dash” (soooo addictive) on my new Nintendo DS until we boarded at 6 am.

Our flight was about 45 mins late taking off since they had to de-ice the plane, but the flight was uneventful. We arrive around 10 am and getting through Magical Express was a breeze. It was a balmy 70 something degrees. Perfect!

We arrived at AKL around 11:30.
I knew we were not going to have our room ready on time, but luckily my MILs room was ready.

We had the worst CM checking in though. She kept telling us we had to get our park tickets and dining at one of the parks with a voucher. We had no voucher and said so. Our itenerary clearly stated what our tickets were, as well as our Deluxe Dining plan, and we were using a MYW package. I showed this to her. She actually got loud with me, telling me she knew what she was talking about since SHE was the one who worked there. I asked to speak to a manager.

Long story short, she was wrong, it got fixed, and we went up to my MILs room. I was annoyed. But decided it wasn’t worth getting all antsy about.

Here’s Mike - clearly pleased about the lack of sleep - lol

And my MILs Mickey head towel

We checked out the resort, as my MIL had never been, and then went for a quick bite at the Mara.

Jan 1 was the first day of the Deluxe dining plan, and it was a bit of a hassle that first day as all of the CMs were still figuring it out. Basically, on the cashier screens, there is a special button for the deluxe plan, since you can use your credits for either counter service or table. But if they try and use the “Counter Service” button or the “Table Service” button from the regular plan, it gets declined. So if you are using the plan - make sure to tell them you are on the deluxe plan, and to use the deluxe button. I figured this out as we went, since alot of CMs didn’t know how to process it.

The deluxe plan allowed us 3 meals per day, counter or table, plus 2 snacks, and a refillable resort mug.

Sooooo much food, as you’ll see in the days to come.

So we lunched at The Mara, and then hung out in my MILs room until our room was ready. Which wasn’t until 6pm! I was so annoyed. I really wanted a nap.

Well, by the time the room was ready we decided against the nap and went to DTD to order a personalized Xmas ornament, and to grab dinner at Earl. As always, Earl was delicious. I had the All American. Yum!!!

Then it was back to the hotel for an early bedtime so we would be well rested for our first real day in the parks. I noticed a very chemical-like smell in our room, and I sneezed about 10 times, but didn’t figure out until the next day that we were right beside the housekeeping supply room. Ugh. But I was too tired to care that night.

I’ll add pics tomorrow to this first post, and start day 2 then as well.


welcome back McFizz!!!
I can’t wait to read the rest of your TR…a great start but oy you did a lot only running on three hours of sleep!


OooOo, I’m so excited McFizzlestick! :heart: I can’t wait to hear & see EVERYTHING!


Wow…you really did a lot that first day on hardly any sleep! I would have been a zombie! Can’t wait to hear the rest:)


Can’t wait to hear all about it!!