Mco - sfb


So, we fly into MCO for our 8 day stay at Disney. We fly out of SFB. I know, its a pain, but TRUST me, the cost of the flights was so worth it!!

Anyway, trying to find best deal for transportation. We like to be able to have a car. . . who have you found to be the best deal for rentals?

They are all over the place and most of the deals for our timeframe (feb 10) haven’t come out yet.


Only rented a car once when I flew into MCO from a business conference in NJ. Pam and the kids arrived from SC later in our car and I turned it in at the DTD Hilton. I just played around on the differnet national sites and took the cheapest one. Ended up using Avis.

The one thing I did notice was that the closer to the trip I got the better the deals were. Then again I did this during what used to be known as the slow season.