Me again updating about Disney site, lol


i love the way Disney did their site now!!! I just went on it again to make another payment and this time I noticed in the top right hand corner it has a count down, it says you have 199 days until your trip, quiet honestly i think the count down is wrong i think i am down to 197 days but who cares, its so cute!

and when I signed in it brought me right to my reservation page and it had my HOTEL as the backdrop page, so awesome.

now i just clicked on my reservation and there is a reminder that popped up


* Dining Reservations Available on March 02, 2011 Don't miss out, make advance dining reservations online

and on that page the countdown is updated its 195 days,. yay me!!

Just had to share, i love seeing these little changes!!!:mickey:


Awesome! The new site has some great improvements!


That is SO COOL! I love it! Thanks for sharing!


Very cute! I hope we will have a trip to plan in the near future so I can experience the countdown and reminders!