ME dropping off & picking up at 2 different resorts?!?


Does anyone have experience with the Magical Express dropping you off at one resort and picking you up at another? It just dawned on me that since we booked one night at Pop to arrive a day earlier that ME will have to drop us there then pick us up a week later at Boardwalk Villas.

Pop was a cash reservation and BWV was through my DVC. Will I get TWO different ME packets? I called ME she said “we have it arranged to drop you off at Pop Century but when you arrive at BWV you need to tell them to arrange the pick up there.” That sounded kinda odd to me. Doesn’t it seem that they should be able to work that into the computer system now?


I sometimes find that when I call Member Services I get conflicting information! I would call back and speak with another CM.


My aunt flew in from Chicago in March and met us at OKW via ME, the last night of our trip we stayed at CSR and she left via ME…she didn’t have any problems at all, So I know it can be done. Just gotta find the right CM’s with the correct info.


We did just this last summer. We had a cash reservation for WL for the first week of our trip and stayed at BCV for the second week and didn’t have any problems. We booked ME through MS for our return and through CRO for our arrival. We got 2 packets of information. That may have changed in a year but that’s how we had to do it last summer.