ME luggage tag


I called last week to add my flight to the ME list. They told me that they will be mailed on sat. Is this true that they mail the day you add your flight???


I think it might be more about the fact that you are traveling in 41 days. Since it’s just over a month away…they have to get them to you…


Ohhhh… Ok. so everything will ok right???


If they sent them on Saturday…then you should have them in at least a week or so right? If not…I’d give them a call :happy: We did ME on our last trip and everything worked as it should have!


I just ordered ME and though we are a waya out I too am anxious about everything being “OK”. I’d hate to snag the opportunity for convienence and cost effectiveness to be burned.


WE went in Feb., and got out ME luggage tags about 10 days prior to leaving.
Also, everything went pretty smoothly with ME, arrived at MCO and was at POR in less than an hour, luggage arrived at our room about 2 hours after we got there.


We are 14 days out an don’t have our tags yet. I’d be surprised if you get them this soon but I hope you do.


Last year we just grabbed our luggage ourselves. Our travel agent suggested that. But we did have the tags shortly after we booked (we booked a whole package though).


Still no tags!!!


Too early, it will probably be 10-14 days before your trip.


When we used ME last May, it had been up and running just a few days & we had heard lots of horror stories. We used Mousketrips to help plan our trip and they expressed mailed the luggage tags to us and we received them the day before we departed! (We were told, however, that if they hadn’t arrived, our names would still be on the ME list at the Orlando airport, but we would have to check our own luggage.) Everything went fine…

Last December, DD and I used ME, but the trip was a last-minute impulse thing, so there was no time to get our tags. We indeed checked and picked up our own luggage, but once we got to the ME service counter, everything was as it had been on our earlier trip. No problems!

I think it sounds as if you have enough time, so I wouldn’t worry!

Have a gr8 trip!


I just got my tags a few days ago at 12 days out.


Ok guys… thanks for the info I will stop stressing now…


We are leaving next friday and we got our ME tickets last thursday so aprox 2 weeks before you leave seems to be when they try to send them out to you.