ME Question: Have you ever...?


We are arriving in Orlando on Monday, checking into the Boardwalk for 2 nights. On Wednesday, we are moving to the Treehouses for our remaining week at WDW.

We have tickets for ME for both arrival dates. Has anyone ever put the second set of luggage tags on some of their suitcases and had them delivered and held at the second resort until they arrive? I’d like to just pack one suitcase for the Boardwalk stay and have the others delivered to Saratoga.

I know they’ll move our bags for us, but I don’t want to wait until Wed evening to have the majority of our things at SSR.

Anyone done this? Think it would work?


Hmmm, if you have ME tags for the second resort stay with the CORRECT reservation number attached to it I don’t see why it WOULDN’T work. You’d just have to make SUPER sure to call the SSR bell services desk to confirm they actually HAVE received the bags & instruct them what to do with them.

I’d be a little nervous about it, but logistically I don’t see any reason why it WOULDN’T work.

Let us know what you decide & how it worked.


oh I would be so worried that they take the luggage to the airport.
Can’t you just call bell services and have them transfer the luggage to the other resort?


[QUOTE=Dopey;963792]oh I would be so worried that they take the luggage to the airport.
Can’t you just call bell services and have them transfer the luggage to the other resort?[/QUOTE]

I’m with you Dopey, I’d be a nervous wreck that they’d get lost.:ohmy:


I don’t think the bags wil be delivered. LOGISTICALLY, there is very good reason for this.

When you do a split-stay, you have two totally separate WDW reservations. You have two different reservation numbers, one for each stay.

Each DME tag has a barcode. The barcode is basically a computer-ese version of your reservation number. If they scan a barcode for a reservation that is in the future, they won’t know how to route the luggage. In other words, IT WON’T COMPUTE. They might leave it hanging around the airport luggage-sorting facility for a few days until the reservation starts.

Basically, you can’t use DME before your arrival day. You would be trying to use the DME luggage service prior to your arrival day for the second reservation … you WILL have luggage problems if you try it using the second set of luggage tags.

A second set of tags (for the second resort) is sent out as part of a long-standing computer glitch. For every reservation number with a DME reservation, DME generates a complete DME packet, which includes tags. However, there is NO NEED for DME tags for a second reservation as part of a split stay.

My strong advice is don’t even try.


I’d spring for cab fare and take all our stuff to the new resort on Wednesday morning and leave them with bell services until check-in. Worth the $.


I wouldn’t. It’s too easy to have bell services transfer them for you.

You can call BW before you check out of SSR and see if you room there is ready…you never know. It if is then jump a cab over with your bags. Otherwise I’d just take a stop by BW later in the day for check in.

If you’ve got something you want to be able to get to before they transfer bags, have bell services hold a bag for you at either SSR or BW then when you can get into your room at BW you’ve got that bag even if the others haven’t made the trip yet.


Alright, you guys all talked me out of it. It seemed like a good idea at the time…

I think we’re going to end up just taking a bag with us to MK with all the essentials and having them move the rest. But, it’s still up in the air. We’ll probably decide that morning!