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It seems that our flight was changed on the way home from Disney. I was wondering if we will have to notify ME or they should know already? It was changed about an hour. HELP!


Since it’s your departing flight I would let them know. If it was your arrival flight I wouldn’t bother but leaving could be a different story. We were told that we had to wait for the correct time and could only board the bus we were scheduled to be on. However, once the bus arrived the driver welcomed us and said he had plenty of room.


Thanks… i’m glad I asked. I’ll call today just to make sure that they know.

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Just wondering who is your carrier? I’m trying to stay away from delays and changes. Thanks!


I am traveling Jet Blue like always… it’s honestly a first that they have ever changed their flight on us for this amount of time. Usually it’s like 5-10 minutes, if anything.


We travel on Spirit out of Atlantic City. They have changed our flight times the last couple of trips. It usually affects our flights home from WDW more than the flight down. The last two times we had to leave five hours earlier which really ruined our last day in the park.
I always notify WDW when my flights change. They actually told me that as long as my flight number doesn’t change, I’m okay, but better safe than sorry, I figure.


As mentioned earlier, it’s totally unnecessary to inform DME of any changes if your flight NUMBER remains the same. DME’s computer database is linked in with the airlines’ and the airport’s computers … in other words, if there’s a change to the time of your flight, DME will know about it before you do!


I thought that DME would know of any changes… I might just call to make sure… hey, that’s what the customer support is their for right? :slight_smile: