ME tags / codes


What do the codes mean on the ME tags? I am going to POP and it says Pop -Classic but on the Mickey ears it says AK.

Anyone know?

Also, it is way cool that I booked my trip less than a week ago and I can already get my tags because I am so close!


Pop is near AK is it not? Mine say WL and MK, since WL is an MK resort. That’s what I’m guessing anyway.


It means that you are staying at the Classic Years section of Pop Century (the Legendary Years is across the generation gap bridge and has not been opened yet). Not completely sure about the AK part as technically on all the maps that I have put the Pop Century in the EPCOT area and not the AK Area - but my best guess would be that it refers to a routing system that they have put together for the Magical Express baggage stuff.

Have a great time! :cool:


He is right with the routing part Pop And AK usualy are sent together but it works most of the time from disney to the airport.
From the airport to Disney you will be the first stop unless they get CBR on the same bus and it also depends on the driver,me personaly i do Pop 1st and then CBR but thats me.
Also that route will be something like Pop,CBR,Boardwalk,Coronado,Yacht and beach,and might also have the all stars. There is only 4 stops max so it will be a combination of these resorts. :mickey:
Hope this helps.


Have a great time on yor trip!!! I can’t wait to get my tags!!!


As long as it has the right hotel name on it, I wouldn’t worry.


Thanks everybody!