ME tags question


How far ahead of your trip did you receive your ME tags? Just wanted to know when to start to panic. :noo:


I book the trip for my whole family in January and my sisters are both using ME. I got 1 set of tags on Friday. 21 Days before trip. I am waiting on the other set. :huh:


Thanks, Franco54 mentioned they got their tags and their trip is 52 days away, so I was a bit worried.


I got my tags only two weeks ahead of my trip!!!


We got our tags about 3 weeks before our trip.


I guess it depends on when you book the ME. We haven’t gotten ours yet and we leave in 28 days


I’m not really sure what it depends on. I booked my in-laws trip 2 days after booking mine…they got their ME packets one week later…I got mine the day before we left. I booked on the 9/15 and got the ME packet on 10/3! I was totally panicked, but it all worked out!


I leave in 46 days and haven’t received mine yet.


We received our about 21 days out.


We got our ME tags about 3 weeks before our trip.Don’t panic they’ll be here before you know it.


Does anyone know if you can use ME to ship your luggage but not ride the bus?


I don’t know about this, since your luggage travels without you. The ME tags are what Disney uses to identify your luggage in order for them to pull your luggage. It doesn’t hurt to call and ask though!


I got my tags like 10-14 days before I left (can’t remember for sure). That was back in June though when they were still in the early stages.


Thanks everybody, it seem 2 to 3 weeks is the norm. So I still have a little waiting time.


Did anybody who used ME have connecting flights? When they asked for my departure flight information, they just wanted to know the first leg of the flight. I told her I had a connecting flight in Atlanta to New Orleans and she said she just needed the info. for the flight that leaves MCO. I have this fear that my luggage will get left in Atlanta and not make it home with me!! Anyone else had this situation?

I’m sure I am just being paranoid, but…


Don’t worry, your luggage will get home. You will have your flight info with you and Disney will print out your correct luggage tag just like the airline would and put it on all your bags.


Did anyone rec a free pin voucher with their tags??? When I called ME they told me that will be included.


From the ones I have seen, the pin voucher is included in all of them. We never used ours our last trip though. You pick them up in your resort gift shop, and you get a lanyard and a ME pin.


Since DD used, I mean stole my lanyard, This was a great little free gift from ME for me to use. Great pin to start trading with.


We did not recieve any pin voucher with my ME Tags, so whats the story? :sad: