Meal deals


:happy: We are planning a trip in April, can someone explain the meal deals to me. The one’s where you pay 1 price each day? Thanks in advance
G lynis


Are you a member of the DVC? I am going to assume you are talking about the Disney Dining plan. The cost is $38 per night per adult (10 and over) and $11 per night per child. It is based on the number of nights of your reservation, and you cannot pick and chose how many nights you want. If you have a 6 night reservation, you have to have 6 nights of dining plan. The plan is good from the moment you check in until midnight the day you depart, so if you have 6 nights, you have 7 days to use it.

Each person gets one sit down meal, one counter service meal and one snack per night of your stay. Most restaurants in the parks and resorts are on the plan, but only a few in Downtown Disney. The sit down meal would be either a character meal or a normal restaurant where you sit down and order something. Included is an appetizer, entree, dessert and drink, plus all taxes and gratuities. The counter service is similar, an entree, side dish, dessert and drink and all taxes. The snack can be something like a drink, popcorn, ice cream or a piece of fruit.

Some of the fancy restaurants such as California Grill and Coral Reef will cost double, so it would count as two sit down meals per person to eat there. The dinner shows are also available (Hoop Dee Doo), but they would be two per person as well.

All in all, it is a great deal, especially if you normally eat one nice meal per day. You can easily get double the food cost as what the plan costs you.

Let me know if you have any other questions about it, I would be happy to help.


Can the Disney Dining plan be purchased as a stand-alone plan? We are DVC members and purchased annual passes for the first time this year. When we asked about the dining plan, we were told that the plan was available only as a package with resort reservations and park tickets. :frown:


Unfortunately, at this point that is true! We are staying 8 nights and purchased one day in the parks so we could purchase the dining plan!!


FYI- I know that in June 2006 The Coral Reef only counts as one. I asked a CM on the phone since I told my DH and DSs that we’d eat there only if it was one point, and does not use 2 dinner points (or whatever they’re called). The CM said it was double this year but only a single meal point when we’re going.


As of April 2006, DVC members can purchase the dining plan. The plan can be purchased in Janurary 2006 for trips starting in April and beyond.


We are headed back in April. :wink:


I think we are too. We did the Silver plan a few years back and found it to be expensive (~75/adult, ~35/child) and difficult to use (basically 2 sit downs a day). This seems much more in tune with our dining habits.


Mickey talked us into the plan for this year. We have it all planned out now. It does make for easier organization.


I am not a DVC member, but I am renting points this year. I will definitely be getting this plan. And what’s great about it, is DVCers (or renters of points) DO NOT have to buy any special package or park ticket to get the dining plan!!! I can’t wait!


Getting back to the DVC and the dining plan…

I am assuming you have to purchase your park passes AND the dining plan together.

Am I correct on this?

Also, we are staying 9-nights, but have 1-day hoppers already, so we only need 8-days on the remaining stay

Are they going to let us do passes and dining for only 8 of our nine nights??



From what I was told, no you do NOT have to buy park passes at all when DVC members (or renters of points) use the Dining Plan. Mickey, if I am wrong, please let me know. :wink:


Thanks!! I hope this is the way it works. I was thinking that a lot of DVC members would already have AP’s and wouldn’t need passes with their dining plan.