Meal Plan Q


Can you make ADRs and then later add the prepaid meal plan? I only ask because I think when you make ADRs they always ask if you are on the meal plan.

We are undecided on the meal plan but Monday starts our ADRs window and I’m not waiting! :tongue:


They never asked us when we made our ADRs.

It won’t make a difference, just make them ADRs. It only matters when you are at the restaurant, just let your server know then.


just to add the only time it would matter is if you have to pay at the time of making the ADR eg CRT. If you are on the meal plan you only need to leave a credit card number incase you don’t cancel in time.


I don’t remember saying that I was on the meal plan when I made my ADR’s. I guess I might have mentioned it, but I really don’t remember the CM asking. Why would it make a difference?


I made all our ADRs before we added the dining plan. I answered no about the dining plan every time I called but when I finally added it the CM said everything would be fine. She said just be sure to tell our server before we ordered. The next time I called the CM said she added the dining plan to all of our ADRs. I’m not sure how she did it but it seemed like she did it in one quick click.