Meal prices?


Hello all. It’s a been long time since I was here last. Our last trip to WDW was in 2010(?).

I have been looking at the dining plans and was surprised when I did the math on them. The Quick Service Plan for four people (2 adults. 2 kids under 5) breaks down like this if I am correct.

2 counter service meals per person per day. That’s 8 meals a day. I’m not including the snacks. Just actual meals. That figures out to $109 A PERSON! PER HAMBURGER/CHICKEN SANDWICH MEAL?! Granted I have to figure in the occasional churro or Mickey Ice cream. But still. Have the prices gone up that much? Or am I doing the math wrong.

Before anyone suggests changing plans. I want to send a WV family who has a 3 y/o son with Stage IV Neuroblastoma on a 2 day trip to the MK and a stay at the CARS resort (his favorite movie). I figure that 2 days is all they can afford away from home/hospital. And counter service meals would be the quickest and most kid friendly route. So going for full on Table Service is not in the cards. I might upgrade to the 3 meal plan taking the average cost down to about $87 a meal. Still steep for burgers and chicken fingers. I’m basing the menu on the eatery of choice of my and my wife, Pecos Bill and Cosmic Rays.

Thank you : )


I bet someone at disney would help with this… I can’t remember exact prices, but that does a little high. Remember disney pricing is crazy. On they have the pricing as $41.99 per adult and $16 per child. These prices are per night of your stay.


But I bet if you call Disney and speak to them- they can do something special for them… They are good at stuff like that.


It looks like for two adults and two kids, the CS dining plan would cost about $120 a day. So that breaks down to say $55 a meal. Plus a snack. If I may make a suggestion. Send them with a gift card for $ 225 -250. That way they can get the meals, but get dessert later. Or maybe the kids would share a meal with an extra drink. Not forced to get all the meals and drinks and desserts in one shot.


I price out the DPs every now and then, and it has never been worth it for the 2 of us…we don’t spend the value per day except perhaps one or two days out of our visit…so…no DP for us. However, in this situation…I think JO JO has a great idea with the gift cards!! Excellent idea for anyone actually.


I think you’re figuring this out wrong.
Each of the CS meals will be something like $16-21 per adult with desserts and beverages. The snack could be $4. Let’s go with the upper end of $21 and you’ll be around $46 per day, per adult. Even at the low end, it’s still $36 a day OOP.
That said, for me, the dining plans don’t really work out the way they did 5 years ago.


Thanks all. I like the gift card idea. A little more freedom of choice. And the numbers you guys are posting are more in line with what I expected. I gotta figure out what I was doing wrong. lol


I messaged them because I was concerned about abrupt cancellation by the family because the little boys health is so unpredictable. I got a nice albeit generic response back. :frowning: I may have to check into insurance just in case. I really want to do this. :slight_smile:


WOW I just figured out where I went wrong. lol I looked at my shopping cart wrong. The $1758 is the cost of my meal plan…and room…and tickets. Whew! Now I can break it down a little better. Thanks all.

And if a Disney employee reads this and knows of anything that will help, it would be appreciated. Not looking for $$ help. Just assuring that this little boy and his family are taken care of. Assuming I can bring it to fruition.