ok people, i love this site so iam putting out a list of where i am eating and seeing if anyone says no go here or go there…

liberty tree tavern for lunch


cinderella castle
lilo n stitch in polynesian
kona cafe in polynesian
1900 park faire buffet in grand floridian
chef mickey
donald safari breakfast


chef mickey
garden grill
mexico san angel
le cellier steak house canada
coral reef
mama melrose w fastasmic

let me know i go to disney in 50 days …n counting lol


Your choices look good. You are going to get both good and bad reviews for every restaurant so the only way to really know if your family will enjoy it is to try it.


i think your choices look great! My favorite on your list is the lilo and stitch breakfast. i would say try Ohana’s for dinner. That is hands down by favorite one. Have fun!


I have to ask just one tiny question – how many nights are you staying, and what ages are the kids you are traveling with? The list looks terrific. We have eaten at all but a few on your list, and we enjoyed each and every meal.

OK, I just saw that I asked two questions… LOL


we are staying 8 days…and i have 3 adults and an 11 yr old girl going.


Sounds good to me. I love le Cellier.


You’ve made good choices. Of course, everyone is going to have different experiences and likes and dislikes. I love the atmosphere of San Angel Inn, but I’m not fond of the food.


Looks great. It’s neat that you’ve managed to include so many character meals into the schedule. They’re always fun.

Have a great trip and take lots of pics for the trip report!!


Your choices look great. Most of our favorites. As others have said, you will get good and bad reviews of almost every restaurant at WDW. Most times, it is a personal preference. Enjoy!


yes i know about what people will say neg and positive but there might be a place or two that i havent even thought of in the line of what i have chosen that is good enough or that i havent heard of…it was just pure luck i found out about gf breakfast with characters that is all i wanted. thanks those who did comment…i love this place 50 days till i go…


well i had to change garden grill to crystal palace for dinner. …still cant wait to go