Meerkats at AK


I know when I went to AK a few years ago, I saw Meerkats. I LOVE Meerkats. They are so darn cute. In fact, I’m watching Meerkat Manor on Animal Planet right now (everyone should check this show out, it’s very interesting). Anyway, does anyone know where AK keeps these little guys? I gotta see 'em!


What is a Meerkat?


The meercats are located on the Pangani Forest Exploration Trail in Africa. They have an excellent display in which you see these fine creatures up close while you are covered by shelter so you can stay a long time to watch if you like!!!


Yay! Thank you so much.

And Nokey Nose, I’m sure you remember Timon from the Lion King. He was a Meerkat.:happy:


Yes!!! Definitely stop in to see them! I love meerkats too, and the way AK has their little hill set up is perfect. You always see a few out there. Tell them I said hi. :slight_smile:


I will! And I’ll try to get a few pictures too.


I luv meerkats!!! I saw one at the zoo and it was so cute!! Every time someone raised their camera to take a picture, the meerkat would go up on its hind legs and “pose” for the camera!!! Then, after the flash went off, it would sit back down again. Very talented creature!!!


I love Meerkats too. I could watch them all day. Meerkat Manor is a great show, and I can’t wait to seem them next time I go to AK.