Meet and Greet September 10, 2008


Come one come all!
(If you are going to be at WDW, that is. :blush: )
Meet and Greet Fellow Mousebuzzer’s
Wednesday, September 10th, 2008 at 6:00 pm
Restaurantosaurus in Disney’s Animal Kingdom (Quick/Counter Service)

PM me if you want to exchange cell numbers! Until then, counting down the days . . .:happy:
:heart: Enlisted so far Disneylovers5, Dixie, & myself:heart:

Can’t wait to see you there!


i am so excited


Would love to meet everyone but we have dinner reservations for chef mickey’s that night. Will be there from the 8th -13th if anyone wants to meet another time.


I’m excited too!!


Will miss you by a week.


I am super excited too! Can’t wait!:goofybounce: ( i love this smilie!)

Missy 131 maybe we can meet up with you later, AK has evening extra magic hours that night . . . so we will be there . . .just a thought.

Dac921 that is too bad we will miss you, want to come early? :laugh:


I’ll miss it too! I totally would change my dates if I could! I barely ever meet another Grace so it would be really exciting to meet! I keep checking Dana’s list to see who’ll be there when we’re there. Someday…


Sorry, not arriving until the 13th. Have a great time though.


we still have to figure out where we are meeting…


I know. I thought we agreed to somewhere in Epcot in the 19th evening?

Maybe in WS for cool beverages.

Sorry BGHG2802 for the thread jack.


You know that the name “Grace” is reserved for only the sweetest and most awesome people! :happy: (Just kidding everyone who is not named Grace, well kind of a little serious!:laugh: :blush:)

So sorry we will miss you. Don’t worry there will certainly be a someday/next time! :biggrin:


We will miss it by about 2 weeks. You guys have fun!


Two weeks? Sorry we will miss you. You guys have fun too!:happy:


Someday is right, I told my MIL if I had to wait for DH to die first I would move to Disney then!:laugh: Just kidding DH!
Somday I will own enough points to decide to go just for the meeting of other Disney Lovers!:wink: That’s when DH gets rich for me! SAHM don’t really get everything we want but we do get to be there for the most precious moments in our little ones lives…then they grow up to hate us.:pinch:


LOL!:laugh: I completely understand my DH needs to win the lottery so we can go to Disney all the time too. Of course he would have to play the lottery first!:pinch:

Look on the bright side they only hate us during the teenage years then eventually they say,“oh, maybe mom was right?” :blush:

Stay at Home Moms named Grace ARE SUPER!

:laugh: Did I just thread jack my own thread?:laugh: