Meet Carl and Russell from "UP!"


I just read in my Mickey Monitor that Carl and Russel from “UP” are going to be a DHS starting later this month for meet and greets.

Can’t wait to see what they look like? :confused:

And I REALLY hope they don’t replace BOLT, RHINO and MITTENS!!!?! :pinch:


Sorry to be the one to report that they are!! We were told yesterday when DD met Bolt and Rhino that this week or next would be their last and then they were going back to be with Penny and the characters from UP would be taking their place…


NO!!! I missed Bolt?!!

sorry, I really wanted to see him! Hope the UP doesn’t disappoint!


Oh Man! My DD’s love bolt! That stinks! But maybe they will like Up, we’ll have to see! Thanks for the info!


maybe bolt & friends will be out and about in the park now instead of just where they were??


NoooooooOOOOOOOOOoooooooooo!! Do you have an EXACT day? I’ll have to take DD5 this weekend for one last visit with Bolt and friends . . . she will be very sad! :frown:


Maybe, but this has not been the trend. In the past, certain characters have appeared in the Animation building and are rarely seen again, like the rats from Ratatouille and the Meet the Robinson Characters.

On the other hand the Incredibles still appear regularly there.

I guess it depends on the popularity of the film.

I suppose anything is possible.


They didn’t give an exact day, but I’m sure they’d give it thru the weekend…


The new character bid starts Sunday. So it coincides perfectly. Also, Dug the Dog will be doing meet and greets with Carl and Russell…and the characters look nothing short of fantastic.


As long as there is a dog involved DD5 will be happy! :happy:


I wonder how long they will be there. I would love to meet them in Sept. if they are still around. The Bolt characters seemed to stay for quite a while.


Thats a real shame, UP will not be out in the Uk till October and Bolt just came out there in March. Bolt looked very cute :happy:


Here is a picture a blogger posted . . . too cute! :heart:


They look awesome! How long will they be around?


Until the next BIG animated feature film is released at least.


Thanks Matt! So do you think ill see them in Sept?


What about “Dug”?


I missed this post so I asked a question that was already answered.

Look for a picture of me with Dug sometime during the third week of June.


See the picture I posted!