Meet n Greet in Allentown PA


July 15, 2006 Disney Meet n Greet. I am supposed to be doing something that day, but I thnk for once I am going to blow off the social obligations and do something I want to do!

Did anyone go last year?


oh boy, I just can’t hear of Allentown without going into a 15 minute quote from 42nd street!


Never been. But if anyone goes, and they run into a bunch of big, scary looking Samoans… tell them to come back down to the beach for a while. We miss 'em! :heart:

Allentown seems like such a random place for a Disney meeting… :huh:


Aren’t they closing all the factories down over there?


Back off, knuckleheads. Allentown rocks. Most excellent skiing in the winter and pristine lakes for the summer.

(Dumb ole beach babe and stupid Yankee fan …)


LOL… must have been a LONG time since you’ve been in Allentown.
Factories might have closed, but housing has boomed


RIGHT ONE! - I live in Stroudsburg… think I might have better skiing than you… LOL


:laugh: :laugh: You’re a riot. That’s why I :heart: you.



Allentown’s not too far from me…if I didn’t have tickets to see The Lion King in Philly that night, I would have made plans to go. :wink:


Hmmm Allentown isn’t too far for me. I could go! What day is July 15th? If a bunch of other DCers went I would go too!


Saturday! Saturday!


I will definitely be there!! Who else is in???


It’s far notice for me to say but as of right now, a Saturday in July sounds great to me!


What’s funny is I am planning a weekend in Allentown to go to Dorney Park with some family. Not sure which weekend yet!


[QUOTE=iluvwdw]What’s funny is I am planning a weekend in Allentown to go to Dorney Park with some family. Not sure which weekend yet![/QUOTE

You could go to the dismeet on Saturday and then head on over to Dorney on sunday!


I am only 30 minutes or so from Allentown.
Would love to meet… my DS would love to join in too… could I bring her along.


I plan on taking my DS and DD- they said they plan children activities.


I would go, but you know how it is in Allentown. It gets very hard to stay.


Why don’t you kill two birds with one stone and have the DisMeet at Dorney Park? I was considering a coaster trip the first week of June. Any later than that and you start running into large crowds that keep you from maximum ride time. Don’t think I’ll be nearby when you’re all getting together.



The dismeet is already a scheduled thing. It is at a hotel in Allentown. Children are allowed to come. They are having guest speakers,games,etc. Read all about it on And then come!