Meet Rapunzel and Flynn!


i found this picutre on tumblr that someone had posted, i for one am super excited for my next trip to meet them…

i hope they stay around!:happy:


oh and also this one, but unfortunatly she doesnt look to attractive here :huh:


i just absolutly love what they have done to her hair!


My girls did the meet an great with them in Dec. they where great…Just wish I could figure out how to post pictures on here that would be a big help.


He’s got that “smirk” down really good in the second picture!


When we were there in November, they were doing meet & greet where Belle’s storytime used to be.


My DD loves that movie. So I know she will love to see them.


They’re here to stay for a while, as they both are very popular, and I mean VERY popular at the moment.


My daughter sleeps with her rapunzel doll every night. I am dying to take her to meet them


I tried to meet them during my trip in January but there was always tons of people waiting all day long so unfortunately I had to give up :frowning:


Once I tell my daughter they are difficult to meet she will be up for the challenge. She was just reviewing her autograph book this morning! Will have to add these two to the list of must gets.


My DW waited for 1.5hours for the girls to meet them New Years Eve. I took the girls to do rides while she waited it was well worth the wait.

Also, the DW says the movie is do to be released March 24 to DVD I think.


We saw them at Epcot over between Club Cool and Imagination. They must have just arrived or they were leaving because there were only 2 families beside them.


I was wrong on the release dat 2-29-11