Meet the new Toy Story 3 toys!


I found this today and I thought you all would enjoy it too! I love the descriptions for the toys - I feel like I’m reading a catalog. :laugh:

Toy Story | Disney

Make sure you go visit “more new friends” too!


neat web-site!!!
wow, a real Buzz toy went on the Shuttle Discovery… cool… i did not know that…


What a cute website! I can’t wait to share it with my kids! Thank you for posting.


I love Mr. Pricklepants!!


What a fun web site- I love peasinapod and Ken is just wicked too.


I really can’t wait for this movie. I am going to see it…with or without my to-cool-for-school DD…blech. She’s no fun anymore.:frown:


The Ken doll is hysterical, and that doll is down right scary with the lazy eye!


Dana- your daughter will secretly wish that she had seen it-especially once you get back from the movie… Just take her somewhere that her friends will not see her-ha ha…


That’s a cute site, thanks. I can’t wait for this movie to come out, I’ve been waiting for years for this.


They are so cute! I cannot wait to see this new movie! The other two were amazing!


They are cute, I can’t wait for the movie