Meet up on 11/14?


i’ll be traveling alone with the children to see the osbourne lights that night.
anyone wanna meet up?


AWWW, I can’t. I will be at Epcot that day. Sorry, that would have been cool.


I just noticed we live close. I will be traveling with my husband and kids.


I saw that you live in florida. I didn’t know where havana is. We’re only going for the day but we can park hop. The main mission of the day is to see the osbourne lights!


Havana is just north of Tallahassee. We are only doing Epcot on Saturday and we will also be at DTD for dinner at WGP.


We would love to, but we wont be there for another 33 days, you wanna try then too? I know we cant get enough when we are there. You are only 2 hours from us here in Savannah, GA


Ooh that would be fun! I am always up for a trip! The only thing that stinks is I run a retail store so after black friday until jan 1st my schedule is a nightmare. But they need to let me have a day off one day right? Lol!