Melbourne vs. Orlando?


Last time I went to FL I flew into Melbourne Airport and what a pleasant surprise it was. No large crowds and easy access. I had to drive a little farther but was it a breeze! Has anyone else flown into Melbourne instead of Orlando?


I didn’t fly there INSTEAD but my former company has a site in melbourne and we flew in for a week. I really loved that airport…I think they have about 6 gates total!


How far from WDW is it? Weve flown into Sanford and liked it very much. It was about a 45 minute drive to WDW from there.


Melbourne is about the same drive away from Orlando as Sanford.
My company (NGC) has a site at Melbourne also.


Whichever one ya fancy :mickey: Have you been to one before? If you have, I suggest going to the other one, it’s always fun to try new things out.


Woops, sorry, I didn’t read the first post. If it’s that nice, then I suggest going there again. But remember every airport is packed during peak seasons.


Melbourne is suggested during peak season. Again, I think they have about 6 gates and getting your luggage would be a snap! The only setback I would see is that i don’t know many airports fly directly there. I flew out of Philly and had a connection in Atlanta…


At the present time,Delta is the only airline that flies out of Melbourne. You must first stop in Atlanta no matter where you are going. For christmas,my mother and I are flying to NY out of MCO because the tickets would have been 70 dollars more for EACH of us through Melbourne. Melbourne airport is approximately an hour and 15 minutes away from WDW if you go 192 to I-95 to 528 to 417(exit 6 or 3).