Member Services closed for a "special event?"


If anyone called Member Services today you heard the message that they were closing at 2pm “due to a special event” and won’t reopen until tomorrow morning. Hmm, I wonder what that special event was? Anyone know? Maybe the whole DVC cast & crew got a preview of the Contemporary Tower or were briefed on the whole project? :laugh:


What’s closing at 2PM. Magic Kingdom?


Member Services (DVC)


Now that was a stupid question I aksed. Thanks for your kind answer.


Hmm…it’s much too early for them to be preparing to celebrate my birthday…what else could it be?:huh::laugh::wink: Hoping it has something to do with the Contemporary DVC!


I was able to talk to my guide today after 2. She said that its the end of the month in DVC terms and everyone is scattering around there like chickens with their heads cut off