Member Services?


Do they work holidays? Are they open tomorrow?


I wonder myself too, I have a question for them. Anyway… Stay warm and keep thinking about Disney…thats how I get through my cold NEPA days and nights


I would imagine they are open tomorrow, the planner says they are closed only on major holidays.


At least it’s warmer now than it has been!! And I’m tired of the snow…Think Disney thoughts!! LOL


Thanks DT :happy:!! I knew you would know! I couldn’t find it anywhere on the website and I have no idea where my planner is right now…


I just tried to call. They are closed today.


Sorry I gave you wrong information. I really thought they would be open today. I know today is a holiday but I thought major holidays included Christmas, Thanksgiving Easter, Fourth of July…


That’s ok!! I would have thought the same thing!!! :happy:


Trying to call member services this morning is like voting on American Idol!!! It’s busy!!! I’ve pushed re-dial a bunch of times already!!


It’s crazy everyone is calling to book for Christmas. Did you try the 407# I have had little to no wait with it. Also in the pass I have booked using the DVC member site.


I did finally get thru!! I didn’t even know there was a 407 number!!

I had a few things to change/add so I had to call and not use the website.