Memorial Day


As I mentioned before, I haven’t been to Disneyland in 12 years. My 2 younger kids (8 & 5) have never been. I’m planning our first visit with our Annual Passes for Memorial Day. Someone made the casual statement to me the other day “…you’re going on a holiday? Wow, it’s gonna be crowded.”

What are the crowds like Memorial Day? Is it generally really busy? I don’t want to have to wait in line for hours.



Memorial Day itself will be pretty busy but it wont get to the point of summer crowds. We go on labor day quite often and find it pretty easy to manage. If you utilize the fast pass system you should be fine.


I’ll be at WDW the Friday & Saturday before Memorial Day this year. I generally try to avoid national holidays, but that is when my sister will be flying in from NYC and she really wants to go. Hopefully it won’t be too bad at the parks on either coast!


The fastpass is new to me, how do you use it?


The major attractions at the parks allow you to get a ticket to return to the ride at a later time to move quicker up the line. For instance, Splash Mountain might have a 120 minute wait in normal line. You don’t want to wait for two hours so you can get a ticket which will tell you to return in an hour. When you return in an hour instead of standing in the normal line you look for a line posted as the “fastpass” line. There will be a CM at the beginning of each of these lines that checks your ticket to ensure that you are returning at the proper time. The CM when then allow you to join the line further down so instead of a two hour wait you now only have to wait for 20 minutes.

If you go to FASTPASS it will explain it in detail. This sight references Disney World but it is the same at Disneyland.


Thanks! That was a big help! Las time I went to Disneyland, Fastpass was a baby. Nobody knew what it was or what to do.


On a busy day like Memorial Day, Fast Pass will be such a time saver and will allow you so much more time to spend riding attractions instead of waiting in line, but just remember, get your Fast Passes for the Major Attractions as soon as you can (IE - Space Mnt, Splash Mnt, Soarin, etc) because those go the quickest, there is a time period between each Fast Pass ticket you get (I cant remember if its 30 mins or an hour), but just try to get your Fast Pass in the AM and spend the time in between your return time riding other attractions that generally move quickly (IE - POTC/IASW) or attractions that usually are never very crowded (Innoventions, etc). Also, most CMs are fine about letting you into the FP line if you return after your stated ticket time.


It would not hurt you to get the Unofficial guide to Disneyland and follow one of their park touring plans. They will save you time without much waiting in line.