Memorial Weekend and DVC resorts


We just booked flights to Orlando for next year - May 22nd through June 1st. This is over Memorial Day Weekend. This is our first time to Orlando on DVC and my DW is concerned we will not be able to get what we want or need. We own DVC but our home resort is GVC so we can only book in Orlando at the seven month window. For all you DVCers, how busy are the resorts over that weekend? Will we be able to get what we want at the seven month window?

First Choice - Boardwalk Standard View Two Bedroom
Second Choice - Animal Kingdom Value or Standard View Two Bedroom
Third Choice - Saratoga or OKW Two Bedroom

We only have 400 points so this is about all we can get without going to two studios. Will we be able to get our choices or anything for that matter? Will we have to book two studios? Do we need to rent more points to get into other resorts?


I’ve never booked at that time period, but the fact that you are starting your trip the weekend BEFORE memorial day weekend helps. You will be able to book before the memorial day weekend crowd can at the 7 month mark. I think the standard rooms at BWV go fast, but your other choices seem very reachable.


We’ve been to WDW twice over that weekend. The first time we had to waitlist to get a studio, SSR came through before we got too worried about it. We waited too long to book, I don’t remember when we tried to book but it wasn’t even close to 7 months out, it was much lated. The second time we got a two bedroom at BCV right at 7 months.

You should be fine, you may not get your first choice but something should be available.