Memorial Weekend Crowds?


Sitting here in front of the computer playing around with travel plans. Can anyone shed some light on the crowd levels during Memorial Weekend and is Star Wars Weekend during that time? Any input is greatly appreciated.


OH NO!!! :noo: I forgot all about that. Crud. We’re going June 5th since we figured the Memorial Holiday and Gay Days crowd should be taking off by then + not all schools are out yet so that would’ve been the calm before the summer crowd storm. Forgot all about Star Wars though.


We used to always go during Memorial day weekend as the kids school sched’s ended then. We found it was a great time and Mickeybug is right about the rush after the rest of the school districts let out.
And as to Gay Days, we would go to the park where everyone was going that day. The crowds were lighter with paranoid people going elsewhere. We also found that the park selected for Gay Days was the friendliest during our trips.


Have to agree with you there. We always have at least one incident per trip where a family/person was just an idiot. But, after our trip that was the same time as Gay Days, both dh and myself said it was the funnest, nicest crowd we have contended with in all our vacations.


We love going the week leading up to Memorial Day weekend, and then leave on the Saturday of memorial day weekend. We love it because the parks are not busy at all, and the weather is great!!! We usually leave that Saturday evening, and during saturday the parks aren’t busy at all. I can’t tell you about Sunday because we are gone by then. But, we actually are really upset that we can’t go that week every year anymore, since our oldest DD is now in school :crying: I think we may have to pull her out once every other year to go that week. :whistling


DW & I have gone to WDW for a few of the Memorial Day weekends and the parks are manageable. Take advantage of the Fast Passes and EMH and you will be fine.

The worst part is the heat. We are in Miami and the humidity is nowhere near as bad here as it is in WDW at that time.

Have a wonderful trip!


Just make sure you get to Fantasyland early. Youngest DD was amazed how long the lines were there on the MK gay day.


Thanks for the replies everyone, it’s greatly appreciated!