Memorial Weekend in the parks?


The kids have the friday before and the Monday after Memorial Day off and DH has a free plane ticket, free dining is offered that weekend so I’ve been playing around with pricing and trying to make things work so we can take a short extended weekend trip in May. Has anyone been to WDW Memorial weekend and what are the crowds like? I’m assuming they can’t be any worse than Easter week (which we’ve done twice now)?


Not quite as bad as Easter, but be advised: Memorial Day is the unofficial kick-off of our summer season, so the crowds will be coming and will be there in great numbers.


I do know that when we drove down the Friday before Memorial Day last year from Michigan that is was bumper to bumper traffic once we got into Kentucky and going south from that point and we saw MANY vehicles with signs, etc. on them that said “Disney or Bust” on them. I vowed never again to drive on a holiday weekend but what do I do, we are leaving the day before Thanksgiving this year.


Thanks Rowdy…I was hoping you’d answer.


:laugh::laugh:You’re a brave soul…but when disney beckons we must respond! Have an anwesome trip.


The parks were not too bad this last Memorial Day Weekend, except for DHS. Star Wars Weekends is usual the last two weekends in May and the first two in June.