Memories Across America Tour?


Has anyone been to this or know what it’s about. They are coming to Atlanta next weekend, and I am wondering if it is worth checking out.


Hmmmm… I guess I’ll have to miss this in Atlanta… since I will ACTUALLY be at Disneyland that weekend! :laugh:

Looks like fun, though.

I do wish this stuff was more out front in the news, though. There was a Cars II tour that my kids would have LOVED… I just didn’t hear a thing about it until mid-tour, when it had already left my area. I saw several people saying the same thing about this one when I looked it up (which I wouldn’t even have known to do if you hadn’t posted).


I think I did a thread about this tour last week but there was only one response- I thought maybe it had been posted before and thats why there was no interest. Here’s the link to my thread-


Thanks! I guess no one from MB is really going to this.

It looks like they just have set-ups of Disney “landmarks.” We’ll be at WDW the next week, so that might be kind of a waste…