Memories of past visits


I’m back…I’m back in the saddle again

I know so many here have memories of WDW. What are some of those old memories that keep bringing you back? I’ve never had the honor of going to WDW ,any park or get away. I do have memories of Theme parks , and love our local park. KennyWood is very close and we visit it regular. About 4 years ago my oldest son(Will) was able to run the better rides. It was before my injuries slowed me down. He, Will, had so much fun. He was mannered,with a wild side. He and I had the best time. Riding over and over again every gut busting ride.He was so happy , me and him each picking those rides. Getting a little sick healing up with some Nachco’s and Mountain Dew. I have this wonderful picture of him on the “Circle swings” He’s face says it all…A face full of cheer and energy as he swings upside down.The best of times.It might sound funny but I dont remember anyone else? I know many were there, but I dont remember them…The least we go with is 8, so someone is not in my memeries? My son is now 11 and his growing up fast. ?I’m hoping this trip will draw us together, because you know theres divides with a child of this age. I have a younger boy,(Justice Paine) he’s no as willing to try new things and at 5 I have’nt tried to get him on the thrillers yet. Dont you worry the day his cool with it.------ KENNYWOOD here we[/I]


First of all - you’re quoting Aerosmith. :wub:

Thirdly, I have an 11 year old boy, too - and there certainly is some division beginning at this age, isn’t there?? It’s very frustrating.

I hope this trip will bring you closer together, if even for the afternoon. I know I personally love any ‘moment’ that I can have with my almost-teen.

I bet you can’t wait until Justice is READY 2 GO to the theme parks - My husband LOVES Kennywood - I’ve never had the pleasure of going.


You rock Redman!


I have never been to that park, but you make it sound perfect. Any time with my DD is a special time. Cherish every second. :heart:


As for the back in the Saddle…I was listening to that this morning. I have the Cd in my player in the car…little back in the saddle…little sweet emotion and I am having a WDW moment. :heart:


[I]See, Now I can guess your age’

KennyWood park is a blast. It’s a small park that is home to some of the fastest and tallest rides. They have one called"the Gold Mine?" it’s mostly in the dark…we.we.we.we…w…eeeeeweeeeeeeeeeee, you go as you plung down into the dark…weeewewewee.eewewecrewwwwwwwwwwww…My son (Will) is me inside and out. Well that’s what everyone tells…I can see the divide in him every other day. On the sweet days he can’t stop smiling and laughing, on the grumpy days he’s all heads down and mad…lol I’m just glad those days are over for me,and I’m sure momma is glad

And NO You rock…lol[/I]


How come no one ever quotes Roger Whitacker songs?


I’m 32…half of their songs came out before I was even born…lol love them regardless.


Cavey hummmmm a few bars, we’ll join in on the second verse…lol


I thought he was quoting Roy Rodgers!!! :eek:


oh I love that Back in the Saddle again song :wub:
My favourite is sharing the parks with my mom, we’re so close, it’s lame to say but she really is my best friend :heart:


Since my post has shifted from memories to song. How’s Disney on the sound department? One thing I hate is a park that “pipes” in music as a second thought(kinda like loud elevator music… )Can anyone rate thier listening pleasure at Fla. WDW? I’m not a picky person and have a wide range of taste when it comes to food and music. I love a good bass line and " I cant drive55" with fine gutar work. I like my food spicy, tender and lean. A good stake and the grand tunes are Heaven on earth to me…