Memories - Old Park Hopper Tickets


I was reorganizing some stuff and came across my old Park Hopper tickets from my honeymoon in 1993. You can see where they punched out the days on the side. Thought you guys might get a kick out of seeing them. Things certainly have changed, no AK back then. Sorry, the picture got a little blurry when I resized it.


Cool DD…thanks for the flashback!


YAY! I am so glad you started this thread DayDreamer!!! :wub:

OK, I have some too!!!

This ticket below was from 1995 when they used to put this dodgey black & white photo on your passes. I wish it didn’t have the dots on my face but you get the idea. They also “punched” the number of days you had left on the side and notice the “extras” still included “River Country” and “Discovery Island.” The price on the back of this ticket was “176.70 plus tax.” This also reflected a “Magic Kingdom Club” discount. I remember how much it STUNK when these old style passes would get wet on rides like Splash Mountain, etc.

Ahhhh, the good ole’ days.


How about these for old tickets!! I found these, with MUCH EXCITEMENT, in an old safe box after my Great Uncle passed away. When I asked my Grandmother about them she said she defiantely wasn’t with him when he visited but she DID remember her Brother taking a trip to California to visit their other Brother. She thinks the visit may have been in the early-mid sixties but I would LOVE a DL expert to estimate the dates of these.


Cool…I have some of these too…of course…there are no E tkt coupons left!


I only have those two; B & C.


Yeah it would suck when they got wet. Great pics, you really took it back with those old tickets. Anyone else have any?


Aw, great flashbacks guys!! Those are so neat.

Wish - that picture looks um… just like you. So obvious. :huh: :wink:


OMG Wish, that is unreal. You have B and C tickets from the early sixties to DL!!!

Don’t sell them on EBay! Give them to me if you want, but whatever you do, don’t sell them!!


OK, if you REALLLLLLLY think I would sell those on eBay you REALLY are going to “get the back of a Skipping Pinnochio pin in your eye!” :pinch:

No way in the WORLD I would sell them, sheesh. hehe.


Well in that case…



you’re really pushing it this evening :wink: :tongue: :wink:


Here is another interesting ticket in my “Growing Up Disney” box, hehe.

It was from 1995 and it was a “Ride n’ Slide Super Ticket” for Florida Residents. The best part was the PRICE, “$27.00 plus tax!!!” It says “Any one theme park plus River country and Discovery Island.”


OK, this is not technically a “park ticket” but it is the oldest resort pass I can find of a trip I went on. This is probably the age when I started to realize, “hey, maybe I should save all this stuff” hehe. The date on it was 3 days before my 14th birthday (7/18/1992)! And that was my Grandma’s signature on there :crying: .


Ok, this is the last I have to share then I promise I am done…

These were with the old DL tickets, one is a $1.00 parking pass (imagine only $1.00) and the other was some weird “Magic Key Coupon” that was good for “one adult admission to any .10 cent thru .85 cent ride or attraction in Disneyland.”


Wow Wish! Now I wish I had kept all of my tickets and passes from the past.


I still have my old tickets saved in a scrap book from my senior class trip in 1981. I also have the Grad Nite brochure and the Sea World ticket too. I believe the receipt for Sea World said admission was $9.50. Times sure have change.


You know I love seeing this tickets. I had a guest check in in 2001 with an “no experation date” park ticket. It was cool to see it, all the CMs wanted it :pinch:


$9.50!! Wow! Times have changed.

Scan the tickets in and lets see!


oooh!!! I got so excited seeing these pictures I went and took some pics of my Disneyland passes through the years.
But I couldn’t find my old pass from 1989 - my first visit at 3 years old :smile:
or my 1994 one…but here are the others! :biggrin:

This is 1999 when me and my mammy because annual pass holders!