Menus for Teppan Edo and Tokyo Dining


Deb Wills has them up on her site. Restaurant Dining Menus from Walt Disney World


wow! She doesn’t play. She amazes me with how up-to-date she keeps that site. Thanks for the link!


I think that Deb’s site and WDW Magic have the latest news the quickest.


intercot is pretty fast too.


I haven’t been to intercot in years. I guess I’ll go check it out. :smile:


Thanks for the info! I wonder why they changed it to Tokyo Dining??


Wow, that was fast. Thanks for the heads up, Laura :smile:


Teppan Edo is supposed to replace Teppanyaki and Tokyo Dining is supposed to replace Matsunoma Lounge and Tempura Kiku.


okay thanks for letting me know


These menus look great.
I’m surprised that Tokyo Dining doesn’t have any sushi. Tempura Kiku was a sushi bar.
Oh, that they were open on September 23. :crying: But they weren’t.


I passed that right by the first time, too. But look at the menu again, just below the Japanese Style Grill - Extensive Sushi Menu Also Available.


I am currently at WDW for the food and wine festival. I took a quick looksee and I like the new look. They made what was Tempura Kiku and the longe into one big room (and maybe it goes into the expansion). As soon as I got off the elevator, several hostesses offered to seat me, but I told them I was just looking around.

It reminded me of some of the more stylish Sushi/Teppan restaurants we have in Jacksonville

According to Deb’s website they offer sushi. Now I wish I asked to see a menu, to see exactly they offered. When I return to Epcot today I may just do that.


yum - it looks delish!! thanks for sharing!


We ate at Tokoyo Dining on Friday night. We had a reservation for Teppan Edo, which Disney called and cancelled b/c they weren’t going to be open. However, they were and we couldn’t get in once we got there! Tokoyo Dining did have a sushi menu. There are certain sushi entrees that are included in the Dining Plan. We ordered other apps and entrees, however also ordered a few rolls (paid oop) and they were good. I ordered the strip steak, asked for medium it was closer to well done and was served with mashed potatoes? a little weird for a Japenese rest. it was just ok. DH order the Bento box and really liked it.