Is there a site where I can obtain menus for the WDW restraunts, pricing, and character meals?


Sure is. Here you go!


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That site is awesome, you can find the answer to just about anything there.


I don’t know of MANY restaurants that provide their actual menus and pricing on the web. Usually they give you a short blurb of menu selections and a range of pricing.

You MIGHT try the WDW Restaurant Thread on this website, the Official Disneyworld website, or this one:

These will at least give you ballpark figures… :pirate:


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First, is definitely the site, menus, pricing everything.

Second, you’re entering the danger zone–the land of the obsessed WDW commando mentality to which many (most?) of the rest of us here have succumbed–not only planning your restaurants, but knowing what you’re going to eat in what order in advance!!! Alas, I don’t think there is a cure or even a reputable therapy. :sad:


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You can get ACTUAL menus from restaurants all over WDW on (EXACT pricing and all) And it’s updated rather frequently. It’s GREAT!!!


Yes, after we arrived (with our allears menus in hand) we found they were quite accurate.

I actually used these menus to determine if the Dining Plan was a good deal and quickly realized it was (we ultimately saved over $500).


Welcome to DC. You can also follow links on to get menues downloaded onto your PDA/handheld computer. It’s great when your searching for Counter Service food you’d prefer by having everything in hand.


Wow, that’s a great tip, Cavey. I did not realize that!


It’s not from allears directly, but it’s listed under their “links” page.


here’s the actual URL. I used it a couple of trips ago and was satisfied.


You saved that much?? How many in your family? Please, tell me more. Even if you have to PM me or start another thread.


Welcome to DC! Yep Allears is a wonderful site ( obviously not as good as DC but then we are biased about our site :happy: ) and you can find out pretty much everything you want to know here. I must admit, I do occasionally forget about Allears being so great and then I get to rediscover it all over again! It is so helpful and I am sure you will get answers to everything. If not then there will be someone here at DC who will know.

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To put this in perspective, our families DP rates came to $100/day (2 adults, 2 children, 1 non-paying baby). Most sit-down meals exceeded $100. Of course, on our own we wouldn’t have ordered appetizers and desserts. Counter Service meals averaged around $50, again we wouldn’t have normally gotten desserts.

So we were saving over $50 a day on the DP, and that’s before you factor in snacks.


Thanks, Cavey. :flowers: Now I’m rethinking this DP thing. . .


Sorry I missed this. I actually did a thread on this topic after our trip last summer. I am trying to attach but not sure how. We’ll see.


The thread has a lot of details, but here is the post on my price calculation:

Re: Disney Meal Plan Adventure

Okay, here’s the skinny:

The meal plan cost us $1120 for eight days (party of four). Here’'s what we spent.

Snacks–$64 (low estimate at $2 per snack)

CS Meals–$395

Table Service (excluding alcohol)

Liberty Tree–$140

Chefs de France–$190

Rose and Crown Pub–$150

50’s Primetime–$140

Whispering Canyon–$167


California Grill–$291

This totals $1773 in meal costs for a savings of $653 in eight days!!!


I didn’t remember we actually saved over $650!