Has anyone seen the mermaids which were added to the POC ride? Are they really there? Are they cool? Do they sing?

Did they ask for me?


We picked up a mermaid skeleton on the left side of the ride a month ago. And no they didn’t ask for ya. Sorry to break the news.


Oh, that’s harsh!


We saw that mermaid skeleton as well. I don’t recall seeing any others and I was on it at least 3 times!


…while I haven’t seen the ride, I kind of agree with you on the “idea” or mental picture…just something about the skeleton of “Ariels friends” doesn’t set well—:closedeye


Yes they sing and splash around near the boat. However, you don’t see them.


[QUOTE=smallworld;1132857just something about the skeleton of “Ariels friends” doesn’t set well—:closedeye[/QUOTE]

That’s exactly what Pam said when we saw it. The skeleton sits in an old broken row boat.

Then again, we had been partying all day. I would have expected a comment like that from any of the 4 of us.


Oh no - not the voices again! My therapist told me they were not real. But they ARE! I knew it. And they have such cool ideas.


:laugh::laugh: wait :ohmy: I hear them too!!!


Yes, they sing and you can see them. But it’s really just fast lights in the water. We saw them back in November. Mermaids added to Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Magic Kingdom Walt Disney World - YouTube


I spotted the flash in the water. Bit of a special effect but not much.


Then again, it could have been one of ‘those’ flashbacks about which we were warned.


I think Pam got a low light pic of the mermaid skeleton in the old row boat this trip. I’ll have to have her check.