Metal plates & screws at the airport


Most of you know that DD,Kate severely broke her ankle in October. She has 7 screws and a metal plate in her ankle. Will they set off the metal detector at the airport? Does she need a doctors letter stating that she has them, or could she just show the scars on her leg? Should I bring her xrays??I’m also a little concern about her being able to keep up with us walking around the world. She still limps and has some pain. I don’t think a wheelchair is appropriate but am not sure what else would help.


KB - I can answer this one as I have titanium hips. Before that they were pinned, so I have been part machine most of my life. She will have to go to the side for the hand scan. Allow time for that. Tell her to wear an easy shoe to slip off, no belts etc. I have a card, but it doesn’t matter. It usually takes an extra 15 minutes while they do the search.


From what I remember from what you told us about the injury. If she has the same plate and screws that I got, she will not set it off. We just got back from Vegas and I did not set off the machine. In fact, I have flown a lot since the plate and screws were put in and never set it off.


So size matters. Depends on how big the plate and number of screws.
Either way, it’s no big deal. Just factor in some time. She may cruise through like Cincy does.


Sorry Boss, I had not seen your post before I finished typing. I guess size does matter.

Karliebug, the plate I have is about 1/2 inch wide by about 4 inches long. There are 5 screws holding it all together. If this is similar to what Kate has, she should be ok.


yeah, just leave extra time. But as long as they’re no trouble to get I would being some sort of documentation just to be on the safe side. Better save than sorry eh?