Mexico restaurant confusion


Can someone clear this up for me??
I know Mexico has a new counter (?) service–
and it has the table service inside the pavillion, along the river…(San Angel?)

What are the names of each…which is the outdoor, new one…and are they counter/table service?

I’m confused…I’ve seen/read about LaHacienda, LaCantina, & San Angel.


San Angel Inn is the sit down restaurant that is inside the Mexico pavillion (the one that was already there and is unchanged).

La Hacienda is also a sit down restaurant. It is the new one that is located on the water and beside/connected to La Cantina, which is the counter service. La Cantina is located where it was prior to the refurb.

San Angel Inn is pretty good, La Cantina is pretty good, and I have never been to La Hacienda.


Cantina de san Angel is the CS in Mexico-it is outside. La Hacienda is the new “waterside table service” in Mexico that is a TS. San Angel Inn is still there too, inside the Pavilion, and it’s also a TS.


The one along the water in the new pavillion is this:


Thanks for clearing this up for me…I guess i didn’t realize that next to the water outside was a counter & a table service, so the 3 restaurant names threw me…
thanks again!


Has anyone eaten at the new one on the water? Is a good place to view illuminations from?


Mm, I want to try the new sit down! I loveee both the Cantina and the San Angel Inn!


Didn’t someone report that in the daytime LaHacienda seating was CS, possibly from Cantina but night time it was TS only?