Can i have your thoughts on the restaurant in Mexico please…Rio something isn’t it called??? DH and I have always said we would eat here one day and I thought that maybe we would try here on our next trip. Any advice very welcomed.

Thanks xx


Really nice location and substandard food for the price. We have a pretty good Mexican place near us and the food is way better than San Angel. It does have one of the best views though, Id do it for lunch and save a few bucks as it was always night inside.


Years ago we always made it a must. But the last few times the food was not that great.


The atmosphere is amazing - but the food doesn’t live up to it - and I think it’s gotten worse since the DDP - which really takes the biscuit.:laugh:


Agreed. Honestly, I can’t think of any good Mexican food at Disney.

Oh, and not trying to hijack this thread… But this seemed like a good time to ask. Has that tequila bar opened in Mexico yet?


We ate at San Angel once about 3 yrs. ago… the food was very good. Loved the atmosphere. However, not hearing good reports lately. Do the ride though for sure. Oh… and we did eat at the outdoor Cantina for lunch… it was pretty good and the Churro’s were awesome.


I ate at the San Angel last year and the food was OK and could have been better, but the atmosphere was great, I loved it. I’d go again. I think you’ll have a great time :happy:


The restaurant is called San Angel Inn and the ride that goes thru the restaurant is (or used to be called) El Rio del Tiempo.
We ate there last November and thought it was pretty good. I had a good steak, the chips and salsa were ok, and I loved the flan. We are not doing it again this year, but we have done it several times in the past, and don’t regret it.


I Like It fine…love the volcano with hidden Mickeys in the smoke.:smile:


:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


You don’t have to eat at the restaurant to enjoy the atmosphere, since the gift shop is in the same big open room as the restaurant… the dining tables are right next to the shop display tables! So, we always just go into the gift shop, check out the big room, take a quick boat ride, and then…

head outside to the Cantina for a Mexican platter and a big margarita!!! The kids love the watermelon juice, and the view of the lagoon is incredible. Great spot for fireworks!


Oh MissDisney I know. It’s just we always go in the building, take the boat ride and walk around the shop but can’t help wishing we had booked a meal there too. The atmosphere is lovely, It’s just the adjustment to the eyes that takes some getting used too lol!:laugh:


Aaahhhh dznylvr…that’s where I’m going wrong then…I knew there was something called El Rio something! Thanks for the ‘clear up’ :happy:


From what I’ve been reading, they are doing renovations to San Angel, adding the tequila bar, and I believe the menu is also slated for revision.
But we don’t care much for Mexican food, so we always pass by.


The last time we ate there was in August '04. Pretty good food. The kids LOVED watching all the riders in the boats go by and watching the volcano puff. It is VERY dark. Almost can’t see your food!:laugh:


This was normally one of our must eat places each visit. The atmosphere is great and we’ve always had very good service as well. Unfortunately, the last couple meals were off in some way. I can’t put my finger on it. The food seemed more spicy than in the past. Not bad, just not great. We’ve opted for Marrakesh next visit. :cool:

As with all opinion questions here, I end with:

Your mileage may vary! :rolleyes:


We were just there a couple of weeks ago and the food was good, not great but we were happy with it. The atmosphere is lovely and I’m sure we’ll go back for lunch again. It’s not 5 star but we were pleased.


This has always been a must for my family. The food has always been wonderful. It’s not TexMex though. It’s more traditional. The only downfall that my Dad has always complained about is how dark it is. So dark that it’s difficult to read the menus. I won’t be going there with my husband this time but only because I want to try places I’ve never been. :slight_smile:


I think, from the response’s so far that I would be inclined to eat there if time allowed and if I could get in on a walk in but I don’t think I will go out of my way to make an adr here. Thanks for the info though everyone…you have helped lots.


Good Choice Ariel, unfortunately it is a must do restaurant for the sheer fact of the ambiance. When you are on el rio de tiempo (or whatever it is now) and you see those people eating you think, “Hey that must be a great place to eat!”
I was suckered into eating there to and boy I will never go back. Thanks to DDP things were once again dumbed down for the majority. I got steak and shrimp… I thought I was in Mexico and there was mostly steak on the menu…grrr. Food was pretty bland and it was dark. I guess it was romantic with the low lighting, but the tables were also too close together.
You want romantic?? Go to Cali grill and get a view of MK, thats classic!