MGM at night?


We always hit MGM first thing in the morning and do what we want to do and get out by about 3. Is it worth going at night if we don’t want to do Fantasmic? What’s there to do in the evening if my DS doesn’t do ToT or RnR?


We were there in the morning and one evening. There wasn’t much different except being there under all the lights was kind of cool. DS especially liked that part of it.


MGM at night is really cool. The entire park just has this whole different atmosphere that is really magical. Sunset Blvd. has to be my favorite place at night, with the 20s feeling and, of course, the Tower of Terror. But if you don’t want to “check in” at the tower, go and visit Muppets or the Great Movie Ride. These two attractions run right up until closing time. If nothing is open, just walk around. It is very cool to see the Studios all lit up and the shops are open until closing every single night.


We do the same, DT. We get to the park when it opens, usually, and end up at another park for the evening. Or we just go to MGM for the dinner package and Fantasmic–we don’t do any rides.

One thing we never get to see that way, though, is the parade. It’s on so late (usually 4:30), and by that time in the afternoon, we’re ready for a break and don’t feel like fighting for a spot so we go back to the hotel. Are you guys parade people?


I :wub: the MGM parade…we make a point to see it at least once every trip!

Of course, I have a 5yo DS who MUST see the Power Rangers!


We’re planning on going to MGM a few times on our June trip. One day mid-afternoon, early dinner at H&V, see the parade at 5:30, see a few shows, then head over to the special Fantasmic entrance around 8:15 for the show at 9pm. Last year it poured the night we were there so the parade wasn’t that fun, and Fantasmic was cancelled due to lightening. I sure hope the weather is better for us this time. Another day we’ll go early in the morning for the major attractions (minus ToT- sorry we were too terrified our 1st time last year).


I forgot about the parade, we’ve never stayed late enough to catch it. Maybe I’ll move our 50’s PT lunch to our first night and go early and catch the parade.


I love MGM at night. You can see the shows and do anything there at night. you will find lines nonexistant while fantasmic is going on.


Plus, when you have the Fantasmic package you can spend the 1-1/2 hours going on other attractions with a shorter que line while the non-package people are standing in line to get into the Fantasmic theatre.


Ok, then I may add it to one of our unplanned evenings. We’ll still go in the morning to see the Power Rangers and the stunt show since my DS liked it so much but I’ll add an MGM night.


We always think that we can get in and get out of MGM quickly as there isn’t much there that we want to do and the more we go the more we find to do. Fantasmic is worth waiting for, the afternoon parade is a must see, and it is quite beautiful at night with all the lights. :mickey:


That’s how we feel. We get in and out pretty fast and don’t do a lot while we’re there. My DS likes the stunt show, the Great Movie Ride, Little Mermaid, and the Power Rangers M&G. He tried ToT last summer and hated it so the big rides are still out for us.


Is there a nighttime LMA Extreme Stunt show in the summer when it stays light out later? Anyone know?


We missed the Power Rangers show last time. What exactly is it?

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I’m not even sure we’ll do Fantasmic again so we would have even more time to do stuff. We’ve seen it and it’s nice but not our favorite nighttime show. I’ll let Nathan make the call that night.


Fantasmic is well, Fantastic…buuuut…if you are there for the extra magic hours evening there is usually a street party with some pretty darn good music!


We just happened upon it in the late morning at the end of street down where LMS Stunt Show is. All 5 Power Rangers were there posing with the kids and giving autographs. They were playing the music and the kids were really getting into it. Then they had to leave and they all hopped on their awesome black car and drove away. My boys were so thrilled.


And, so I hear, Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable are now doing their Meet & Greet following the Power Rangers! We can’t wait!!


I really do like the parade, we’re just always so tired by the time it rolls around! I scheduled May’s dinner package around the parade, so we’ll probably nap in the afternoon and get to MGM just in time to catch it right before dinner.


Thank you!!