MGM Disney Villians store superstar


I just wanted to know if anyone has interacted with Paul {at least I think it was Paul. distiguished middle aged tall gentleman}who works in the Disney Villians store at MGM Studios. He is a real hoot. He noticed me humming to the Gaston song playing over the speakers and he started an impromptu duet with me which culminated in a rousing “every last inch of me is covered with hair!!!” {at which point we both forgot the rest of the words because we were too busy laughing} He pointed out to me his rare Gaston pin collection which is framed beside the register line on the wall and seemed genuinely concerned that we were enjoying our stay.
This kind of customer service and joy in the workplace is so rare these days and its just one more reason {as if I needed another one} to keep coming back. Way to go Paul!!!


I know an older gentleman who works in that store and am not sure if it’s the same one or not. He was awesome with my DD and is great to trade pins with. I am in that store several times a visit…I love the villians.


What a great story! I love hearing things like that!


Yep! I know that guy! We had a blast with him our last trip…had some fun talking pins and villianish stuff! LOL!


What a nice story!

Maybe you could take a few minutes and drop a note saying how much this man increased your enjoyment of WDW. That kind of thing does make it into the CM’s file and is much appreciated.

We always bring those CM appreciation cards with us to hand out to anyone who goes out of their way for us.


Yeah he was hilarious. By the way I love the avatar. Dont let catfish1999 know but thats the side of Lucy {our bipolar cat who looks just like that …the other 3 are normal in a good way} that she never sees. For mom she’s all sweet and cuddly for me she’s SWISS ARMY CAT!!! :eek:


I will in a heartbeat!!! where do I send em??? and where do you get CM appreciation cards???


:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: I love it!


LOL!! “Swiss Army Cat” :happy:

Great story about the CM too! He really understands how much magic a cast member can add!!


Peppalish–this guy is GREAT! Everything a CM could be! :tongue: Oh, and he LOVES the Disney CATS!


I’m always so impressed at how the CM’s make it their personal responsibility to go the extra mile with every guest. I love seeing them work the majic with little kids. I’ve only ever seen one CM actually look a bit stressed and that was NY eve 2005 EPCOT with 150,000+ guests packed knee to knee. :eek: Completely understandable.


I sure hope I get to MEET him the next time I go!! He really sounds GREAT!!! :cool:


Someone’s got a CCCRRRRUUUSSSSSHHHHH :wub: :heart: :wub: :heart: :wub:


I have never met him, but the that is one of my favorite stores at Disney!!


I’m pretty sure that’s the guy that helped us the last time we were there. He had all kinds of great information for us, and was very teasing in nature!

Don’t you just love that store! One of my favorites!


Here’s a link to all the addresses:

You can get CM appreciation cards at
You can personalize them with your family’s name and town. The CM’s get a big kick out of recieving them, I can tell you that from personal experience.


That sounds so cool!!



when we were there in June i was soo impressed with the way the CMs interacted witrh my DH. due to a progressive nerve condition he sometimes has to use a wheelchair or a cane at the least/ they handled it with such grace. he is very self consious about his problem and they made sure he was shown to the front of the line with tact so as to not draw attention to him. i so appreciated the way he was treated there was only one CM that was unpleasent and he worked at the haunted mansion. the CMs deserve credit for the way they handle all those people