MGM finally being dropped?


Screamscape reported today that Disney MGM Studios will be dropping the MGM very soon, and to expect an announcment October 1st. Now this rumor has been hot/cold/hot/cold. Has anyone else heard any info on this??

What do you think the new name would be?
Disney Studios
Disney - Pixar Studios
Disney - ABC Studios


i was think Disney-Pixar Studios because all of Pixar Films like Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, Monster Inc, Chicken Little, and Now Cars. That’s why they need to be Disney- Pixar studios.:mickey:


I’ve only heard rumors but I like the name Disney - Pixar Studios


I like pixar because my favorite movie is toy story…


I really prefer MGM.


but mgm studios will not be in disneyworld. Go to WDWMAGIC.COM WDW, Walt Disney World News Rumors Photos Reviews Discussion Forum they have some details.


I prefer the original MGM and like the sound of Disney Studios. Besides it will be better to stick with Disney Studios. They probably never thought for nay reason they would have to change MGM. SOmeday it could be Pixar to something else.


I like the name MGM! :ohmy:

But if that isn’t an option, then I guess Disney-Pixar Studios would be nice too…


I think it will be Disney-Pixar…I would love the Pixar Movies taking even more of a place in Disney


I like Disney-Pixar! It makes perfect sense too!:happy:


Love Disney and Pixar
Disney - Pixar Studios

DPS for short.


I would have to go with Disney-Pixar Studios but I prefer Disney MGM


I am cool with either Disney Studios, or Disney-Pixar studios… or maybe something COMPELTELY different b/c honestly, there isn’t studio action going on like there used to be in the early 90’s.


I like Pixar- then perhaps the clearance for a toy story character meal will finally happen!


that’s why Disney-Pixar Studios will be great for all pixar films like my favorite The Incredibles.


I agree, leave it MGM Studios.:crying:


I love disney-pixar studios.They need a stage show with the Incredibles including Syndrome.


I think they will be linked to Pixar, but I like the sound of Disney Studios better. It is easier to say and I think that most people will only say that part of it.


Don’t get me wrong–Pixar is great and I like Steve Jobs, but



How about Disney/ABC Studios? After all, Disney owns ABC. I know ABC doesn’t say, “movies,” but the park isn’t entirely about movies anyway, now is it?

Disney-Pixar, IMHO, sounds stupid. Disney’s alliance with Pixar almost fell apart and it might actually do so someday.

But if MGM must be dropped & the only choices are the ones listed in the poll, make it Disney Studios. In the trip planning videos, they’ve called it that for several years anyway.