MGM Penny Machines


Just noticed that we never bought a stamped penny that has MGM Stuios on it. Is any one going there before the name change? And could you possibly send me one? Please PM me so I can send a check / coin.



I never thought about it when I was there. It is a good idea. Also if you own a DVC, that logo is going to change too. I had someone tell me to buy up the current DVC stuff - which I did not.


I was unaware that the DVC logo was changing. How did you hear that?


When is the name change happening?


I’m pretty sure it’s on Jan. 1st.


Wow, you are so smart to get working on this project now before it is too late… I hope someone can grab one for you! I will look through our collection and see if was have one from there, too.


Thank you. We were there FOUR times last year, and so how we didn’t think to get one at our favorite park. :heart:


Try googling and Ebay too- I found HM pressed pennies online :O) There is a whole community that does that just like pin trading.