MGM rides


My brother, who I think is crazy for even saying this, wants to take his daughter (only 4) on the Rock -n- Roller Coaster and also the Tower of Terror. :eek: She’s taller than most 6 year olds (loooooooong legs!!) so he thinks that she’ll be ok on these rides.

I know that I wouldn’t even chance my son going on these rides even if he was/is tall enough!! I think they are way too intense for younger kids. Has anyone else taken their younger kids (4-6) on these rides or is he just as insane as I think he is?? :redface:


I took my son on ToT. He just turned 4 at the time and met the height requirement. However, the ride malfunctioned, the lights turned on and they dropped us like 20 times…no joke. So they offered us another ride where we can go to the front of the line. Needless to say, Nathaniel said he didn’t want to ride again. That was fine by me. My brother took him off the ride.

Now, we’re going in December and he said he wants to try it again since he will be 5. So I’ll take him on. If he doesn’t like it again, then he won’t go anymore.

And he doesn’t meet the height for RnR. You have to be 48 inches tall for that, and he is 43 (almost 44) right now. So no RnR for him. Hopefully he can go on Space Mountain this trip.


Yes, I took my daughter on both of these rides on our last trip and she was 5 and tall enough. She absolutely loves Rockin Rollercoaster and can deal with Tower of Terror. She’s a little weary of ToT because of the droping feeling, but RnR she cannot get enough of.


I took my son on RnR when he was 10. He was so freaked him out :eek: He was pale when we got off the ride. Yet he went on SM with my DH and loved it. I’m gonna try him w/ RnR this year and see what happens.


I guess it really depends on the kid.

My sister has always been extremely tall for her age (she’s taller than me, even though she’s 8 years my junior! :dry:). On her first trip to Disneyland at age 2, she rode the Matterhorn over and over and couldn’t stop gushing and squealing about “the bear”. :laugh: Other older children were bawling.

So she’s always been unnaturally brave. We didn’t go to WDW until she was 7, and she LOVED Rock n’ Roller Coaster but hated ToT. :whistling So it’s really hit or miss. (She’s 14 and STILL hates ToT. LOL - she says it’s the “lightning” that scares her.)

He may find that his 4-year-old has some opinions of her own once she gets there and sees the attractions in person. :happy: Heehee. But if he thinks she can handle it, as long as he’s not dragging her kicking and screaming, I say go for it!


Definitely depends on the kid. Some are natural born thrill seekers, some have to grow into it and some just never enjoy those rides. If the child wants to go and meets the height requirement to be safely secured, then I don’t think there’s any harm in it.


I think it depends on the kid too. JD is almost tall enough (41 inches at 3.5 years old) but there is NO WAY he is ready emotionally for that type of ride. He gets freaked out on TTA when it goes into SM…so I know he couldn’t do ToT or RnRC yet… :laugh:


You would be amazed what some kids really, really love! I say try it, let the kids knnow ahead of time what to expect, and let them be in on the decision!


how correct you are - we took DS on POTC and HM when we went last october, and absolutely loved it (he was 18 months at the time) when we go in december - we are going to try out slash mountain and soarin’ he is basically fearless, so we do not forsee any issues…unfortunately we will have to wait about a year before we try him on anything more extreme…


Does she ride those types of rides at the fair or other theme parks? If she does, I say go for it if the child wants to go.


I let my DD go on RnR as soon as she made the height requirement. she has no medical conditions and I don’t see why she shouldn’t go on something if she is tall enough and doesn’t have any medical issues. It depends if the kid wants to do it…


My neice was 5 years old (barely making the height) requirement and loved the ToT.


I’m not sure what I’d do.

I KNOW 5yo DS will not be allowed on Dinosaur or M:S until he is much older.

RnRC??? I let him ride everything else. I guess I’d say yes…maybe.


my son was 3.5 when he rode tot and he liked it wasn’t tall enough for rnr but the next time we went he rode rnr at age 6 and loved it.