MGM to Hollywood Studios?


I have been away from Disney too long.:frown:

When did they change the name from MGM to HS and why?

Is there anyting else we should know before we go?



This one’s taken directly from Wikipedia:

On August 9, 2007, Walt Disney World President Meg Crofton announced that the theme park’s name would be changed to Disney’s Hollywood Studios in January 2008.[11] In announcing the name change, Crofton said, “the new name reflects how the park has grown from representing the golden age of movies to a celebration of the new entertainment that today’s Hollywood has to offer—in music, television, movies and theater.” [12]

The Florida resort later announced that the new name would be effective January 7, 2008, adding that it would take several more months to change all affected signage.


The most inmportant thing I think you shold know is that if you plan on riding the new Toy Story Midway Mania ride- I would suggest you get there at rope drop!!! If not, wait times get to be ridiculous and fast passes sell out early in the day.

It is a very popular ride and for good reason!!


Also it was because the contract with MGM had expired and MGM had no interest in renewing.


Thanks for the info.

What is toy story mania?


Whew, you have been away for a while. Id grab a copy of one of the 2009 books and get reading.

BTW, Hopefully your magical express bus wont stop at Saratoga Springs resort as well. When you get to the parks be sure to check out Soarin’, Expedition Everest, Laugh Floor, Stitch’s great escape, American Idol experience and the stunt show. Don’t forget to grab a bite to eat at the Yak and Yeti or maybe the Wave or T-rex. Are you using the Dining plan? Have you gotten the magic your way tickets yet?

Enjoy your trip!


I think I will do that (Birnbaums, unless you can suggest something better).

We have been on Sorin, very cool, but I am afraid of heights and the pine smell while going over the trees is amazing.

We have also been on Expedition Everst (we have pictures of them building the outside structure), it was a little rough for me, but the rest of my family loved it.

We never do the dining plan, we are not big eaters and we do two sit down meals while at Disney for the week.

We always purchse the park hopper passes for our length of stay, we like to visit the parks go back to our rooms and then return to watch the fireworks (my husbands favorite thing to do).



Howdy Unique1. Birnbaum’s will certainly get you caught up and has the best photos. For planning and info, though, I like the Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World (the 2009 edition is a whopping 849 pages) and the Passporter’s Walt Disney World. I use both for different things, but I tend to use the Passporter more often; it’s good on info and on planning tips.



Thanks Bruce (and Bribren)

I have used the Unofficial Guide To WDW, but not the Passporter’s WDW?

I will have to hit the book store this week.



[QUOTE=brumcg;938876]Howdy Unique1. For planning and info, though, I like the Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World (the 2009 edition is a whopping 849 pages)


I agree, definitely get the Unoffcial Guide!:mickey:


Well then you are not so far out of the loop as I thought. Ditto on the Unofficial guide and passporter. Guide has more info, but lots on off property stuff. Passporter has better maps and organization.


Yea, I am a pretty good at doing my homework, my motto is know the most info you can and let be ready for everything and anything.



Many new things in each park. Study up!


Enjoy your trip!


I have to second the Passporter suggestion! It is invaluable; definitely my favorite WDW guide! :wub:


[QUOTE=Unique1;938869]Thanks for the info.

What is toy story mania?[/QUOTE]

THIS, is Toy Story Mania, :smiley:

(Warning, spoiler!!!)

YouTube - Toy Story Midway Mania [Full Ride]


Thanks for the heads up.