MGM- What is the First Ride you hit


When Arriving at MGM what is the first ride you hit???


Tower of Terror!!


before DD. either RnR or ToT depending on which had the shortest wait… the other gets fast passed.


Playhouse Disney Live


TGMR, I’m sorry but I LOVE that ride, one of the few where I never mind standing in line, well no more then once thru the trailers anyhow!


Star Tours :glare: for DH


Rockin Roller Coaster Baby!!


The Great Movie Ride!


Great Movie Ride For Me As Well


We also do The Great Movie Ride first. I really don’t know why, other then location, because TOT is my numero uno favorite ride in all of WDW.


Rock and Rollercoaster. But we first Fastpass ToT


Great Movie Ride!


Muppets, the Great Movie Ride


Great Movie Ride


Tower of Terror - after first running to get a fastpass for R&R Coaster.


RnR first (usually has the shortest line) but we get FastPass for ToT.


Great movie ride


Tower of Terror or the coaster, depending on wait times and fast passes.


RnR if the wait isn’t too long, otherwise Great Movie Ride.


Since my children run the show, the first ride MY SON runs to is RnRC. I wait patiently in a store (I :heart: to shop).