Michael Eisner the Weirdo


Here’s an interesting article in today’s New York Daily News



I sounds like he’ll never accept the fact that he was ousted from Disney. His ego is so huge he would never admit defeat or any type of failure. He’s done a lot of good at Disney but a lot of damage too.


I felt the article was nit-picking. Maybe he was acting weird, but I didn’t see him being all wacked out.

I did not realize he is 64yo! I hope I look that young at that age.


This thread title caught me off gaurd! I got a good laugh out of it.

I believe Eisner did some real good for the company, but fell away from that trend at some point. He would have made things a lot easier if he could have realized that.


That is what I was thinking. Ya know, it seems as if he was joking, I think they made a bigger deal than what it was.


I’ve gotten to a point where I believe about 1/4 of what I read. Every journalist seems to have their own agenda. To be honest, I had to laugh at the “painful death” line. Weird or not - guess it really doesn’t matter anymore.


Me to! Haha! I am kinda sick like that though!


That’s why I like you Mousie. :wink:


Right back at ya Llama! :happy:


The book Disney War does a good job of illustrating the rise and fall of Micheal Eisner. I would recommend it!!


Let’s just say I know something good ol’ Mikey - something he did when he left Disney - not the most honorable man, I can tell you…

And no, I ain’t giving details - but let’s just say that he signed on with a company to do something for them exclusively - deals were made, and deposits we paid, then without reason he reniged on his exclusive deal and went somewhere else.

Not the most honest person - especially after legal documents were drafted and signed.


All I can say is, who would want to admit that they had been ousted from such a great company? I’d probably be in denial too!