Michael Eisner to Host CNBC Talks Show


i just thought you guys might be interested in a little chuckle.



Thanks for the link tragic…so, you think anyone will watch?


Nope! And some other words to fill in space.


They would do better to have one of the Small World Dolls host. Now that would be a show.


Haha! You could be a guest and run away screaming! :tongue:


Yeah… it kind sounds like an SNL skit. :wink:


Hey maybe we could host a show!


We could take Howard Stern’s place now that he has gone to Sirius. :tongue:


I’m not sure we would fit in there. :tongue: Maybe we could take Rosie’s place, we’re funny, we could do it!


there might be some people that will watch just out of curiosity and there might be some people that will watch just for fun. who knows. i have to read the article again to see if it’ll be worthy of my time. :tongue:


pouts I would totally watch!!! I met him and I got to shake his hand and say “what an honour it is to meet you Mr Eisner”…
He may have done some damage in the past few years but he’s also done some amazing and monumental things for the Disney company and as a business man I think he is really great, he just got greedy.

But it also could make a VERY funny SNL skit!!! :laugh:


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