Michael Phelps honored in the Magic Kingdom (photos & article)


I just saw these great photos and articles on Allears about the Michael Phelps/USA celebration in the Magic Kingdom! SOOOOO cool, I wish I would have been there! :happy:

Michael Phelps Celebrates Gold at Walt Disney World (Disney News Blog)

Another blog with photos by Linda Mac:

Michael Phelps Gets An All American Hero’s Parade at the Magic Kingdom (Linda Mac’s Orlando Adventures)

And one more blog about the day with more photos, by Tim Smith:

Michael Phelps Honored at the Magic Kingdom (All Ears® Guest Blog)


Very cool, wish I was there too!


Wow, that is so great. The people there really saw an American who reached his dream!


:laugh: Minnie looks like she has to walk double time to keep up with Michael’s long stride.


Wow, I wish I could have been there…

I didn’t watch the Olympics since I don’t have a working TV, but 8 medals is more than impressive.

And he’s a Maryland local. Woo!! waves a Maryland flag!


He is so cool! And my hero, oh so conveniently. My math teacher looks a lot like him.