Micheal Phelps to be at MK 8/29


Micheal Phelps will be in the Magic Kingdom Friday August 29th for a special welcome home parade at 10:30 am on Main Street.


Oh my gosh, that’s AWESOME! Wish I could be there for that parade.


wow, how exciting! Wish he was there when I’m going.


That’s funny! When we were at the parks last weekend I turned to DH and said that I bet that next weekend they’ll have an Olympians parade.

Get some photos of him will ya Valerie?


Oh I sure wish I would could be there for that. That’s so awesome. I’m sure alot of you will be there so please send him my praises! LOL


Oh wow. How awesome would it be to see that?!?! Too bad I won’t be there!


Hopefully he’ll appreciate it more than Nancy Kerrigan. Remember she made some kind of snide remark in the parade, not knowing she was overheard.

Personally, I think being in the parade would be awesome. All those people looking up to you!


How cool :cool: I hope someone gets pictures and post them for those of us who can’t be there


Awesome! Which means he’ll probably also be the Grand Marshall for the parade today and he’ll be on the side I perform on! Yay!


Wow that is really exciting, and how cool for the MB’ers that are there today! Fill us in please Rowdy, when you get a chance.


I just happen to be walking into Magic Kingdom today when we saw the parade for Michael Phelps. I will have pictures when I return on Tuesday and try to put together some sort of Trip Report. It was really cool. I had no idea he was going to be there. You should have heard the screaming for him and all the patriotism!! It gave me chills. He was very appreciative and couldn’t keep himself from smiling. He was having a blast. It appeared as he was doing interviews and pictures on the grass area on the right of the castle. Too much of a crowd for me to get into. We arrived yesterday and the night was somewhat on the cooler side due to a storm, but today… IT IS HOT!!!


OH, please have him stay and go to AK on Monday…:wub::wub::wub::sleep::sleep:this is my new Disney dream…shhh, dont wake me up!


Since I can’t be at WDW today, I am anxiously waiting for your TR and Pix on Tuesday!! Must have been so exciting for you to be there and sea Michael Phelps today!!!


How cool. DH would love to see him in person. I can’t say I wouldn’t mind either.


Allears.net has pictures and a blog up about Michael Phelps morning at Magic Kingdom.


So scheduled to help Br’er Bear in DDCT today, moved to spot the Castle Float. Saw him out of the gate in Town Square. Had to keep my eyes forward due to my job requirements as a Castle Spotter, but didn’t stop me from raising my hand to him and he high fiving. Boy is STRONG!!! :laugh: Was really cool.


you lucky duck!

has anyone ever told you just how cool your job is??:laugh:


I agree, that is really cool. You get to meet some really great people, huh?


[QUOTE=chottsy;874993]you lucky duck!

has anyone ever told you just how cool your job is??:laugh:[/QUOTE]

I second that . . . very cool! :happy:

Here’s a PICTURE I took from ALLEARS.net . . . they get the credit! Looks like a lot of FUN!! :heart:


That’s SO awesome! Wish we could have been there!