Michigan Martini Madness


…trip report coming soon :laugh:

Ok here’s a picture for all of you to keep you glued to your seats and computer screens


Welcome to MB, MM.
Who are these mommasitas, pray tell?


Welcome to MB…


woweeeee, a trip report.
Welcome to MB :smile:


Not sure, considering how new I am here, that I should tell a scoundrel like you :blush:


Wow, you must have met boss already!:laugh:


scoundrel he be…but the rest of us are safe…hang around and you will see…


paleeze, I have been lurking on this board for years. I know what he’s all about. His friend Cavey…another one to watch out for :pinch:


Well you have them pegged!


OH YAY!! A TR from a newbie!

Welcome to our little madhouse Marti. I know you’ll fit right in!:happy:


Thanks for the nice welcome, everyone.
I am not sure if I am on the right board for a trip report of Timbuktu.

Ok, maybe not Timubktu, we’ll have to continue this later today. My boss is coming, I have to go for now


Hello Marti and wlecome! looking forward to the TR!


That picture seems to be missing someone…:closedeye


What? where? what do you know that I don’t?:pirate:


Ahhh a clandestine poster.

Welcome to MB.


sigh…I meant me:crying: :pinch:


The Bosses can be such a pain…mine too just pulled up (aka DH!) Gotta go!


Sadly you pushed our invite away for some other date, which may or may not have been real and just an excuse not to have to attend the madness


:ohmy: :ohmy: No my friend…the event was/is real. No way around it after I’d made the commitment. I’d would have rather been there in the madness!


Oh Pinochio :laugh: