Mickey at the National Air Force Museum


We went to the National Air Force Museum in Dayton, Ohio on Friday. My DH and oldest DS love military planes. It was a really nice museum…the whole family enjoyed it. But I had an especially good time when I noticed a whole section devoted to Walt Disney!

Did you know that Walt Disney commisioned his artists to design the wartime insignes during WWII? You know, the logos and art that the different divisions had for their units?

I had no idea. I thought you might like to see some of it…


Here is a quote from Walt on display in the museum…


Here is a picture that was done by Walt Disney…


Roxie, those are really cool! Thanks for sharing!


Another one…


And another one…


This one was actually painted on a plane. This is the panel from that plane on display. They had alot of these - it was really neat.


OMG! ROxie!!! THAT is VERY VERY VERY cool!!! :c)

I Love it! I didn’t know this interesting little fact about WD!


You’re welcome! I thought it was cool, too!


Here’s one more of Goofy…had to post him!!


I thought you said you were busy!

Cool photo’s…I will have to stop by when I head north. Thanks for sharing!!


Love it. Love it, love it, love it. Thanks for sharing!


Very neat Roxie!


I would absolutely love to get out to Ohio! Being in the Air Force myself, I’m a nut for all that! One of our guys in our shop here at Westover ARB in Massachusetts moved out to Wright Patterson a few years ago, and said the museum is the best he’s ever seen! :cool:


Great photos Roxie. :cool: I’ve seen some of Walt’s military art, but not in person. Thanks for sharing!!


You should try! It was a wonderful museum. It had alot more than just planes, it gave you a photo history of the wars and had many artifacts on display. And it was huge! Here’s a view of just one of the hangars…


Neat pictures Roxie!! Never would’ve thought about Disney being in the museum.

That’s kinda like our Naval Museum on NAS Pensacola. I haven’t been out there in YEARS, which is ridiculous since they offer free admission. All the planes they have set out are awesome - we even have a retired Blue Angels fleet hanging from the ceiling!


That is so cool. Thanks Roxie! :mickey:


Yeah, that’s the other thing…it was cool and FREE!! :laugh:


I thought I’d post a couple more since I had them.
Here’s a plane with Dopey and Doc…